Fulbright Award Announcement, April 2021

$1.5 Million Gift Paves Path for New Peace and Justice Studies Professorship at Gettysburg College, Fall 2020

Conversations from the Leading Edge: Peace and Conflict Related Issues (April 2020)

I am where I am supposed to be: The Story of Dr. Hakim Mohandas Amani Williams (In Trinidad Newsday, 2019)

Remarks on accepting Early Career Alumni Award from Teachers College, Columbia University: April 2019

Article about receiving a Nancy Flowers human rights education grant (2018)

Williams Expands Peace and Justice Studies Program at Gettysburg College (Gettysburgian Newspaper 2018)

Regional leaders in Guyana trained in Conflict Resolution (Govt Ministry of Communities Press Release, 2016)

Interview about Youth Violence and the Neocolonial Education in Trinidad (FreshEd Podcast, 2016)

Creativity in Learning (Synergy TV Panel, 2016)

Linking Parental Involvement, Illiteracy and Misbehavior (Synergy TV Panel, 2016)

It takes a village to raise a child (Synergy TV Panel, Trinidad, 2016)

Editorial: Addressing School Violence (Trinidad Express, Apr. 2016)

Winner of 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award: Cavaliere Award

Giving faculty remarks(from 20:40 to 35:40): Convocation Address

Trini Scholar Aims to Give Back: Trinidad Express Article

Explaining Structural Violence as Education Inequity in the Caribbean

Discussing my research and teaching

New York Times Review of Lysistrata (I played Drakis): NYT Review

BlogPost by Students about my teaching: Surge Post

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