Postcolonial Structural Violence: A Study of School Violence in Trinidad and Tobago (2013)

“Pullin Rank”: School Violence and Neocolonial Hegemonic Masculinity (2014)

Fighting a Resurgent Hyper-Positivism In Education is Music to My Ears (2015)

Education Reform Initiatives in the Caribbean Basin (2015) (Jules & Williams)

Peaceableness as Raison d’être, Process, and Evaluation (2015)

Lingering Colonialities as Blockades to Peace Education: School Violence in Trinidad (2016)

A Neocolonial Warp of Outmoded Hierarchies, Curricula and Disciplinary Technologies in Trinidad’s Educational System (2016)

Teachers’ Nascent Praxes of Care: Potentially Decolonizing Approaches to School Violence in Trinidad (2016)

Afro-Caribbean Immigrant Faculty Experiences in the American Academy: Voices of an Invisible Black Population (2017)

Peace Education as a Field (2017) (Hantzopoulos & Williams)

Critically Assessing Forms of Resistance in Music Education (2019) (Talbot & Williams)

A Decolonial Imperative: Pluriversal Rights Education (2020) (Williams & Bermeo)

Guest Lead Editor of  a Special Issue of International Journal of Human Rights Education (2020): Decolonial Human Rights and Peace Education: Recognizing and Re-envisioning Radical Praxes (Williams & Bermeo)

Afterword_Insurrectionary Uprisings_Revolutionary Nonviolence_HakimWilliams_2022

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